Our infant program...

      Our program is designed to pamper babies and parents. Our infant wing is separate from both toddlers and preschoolers to reduce noise and distractions from the other areas. Infant rooms are “homey” and are limited to 8 infants and 2 caregivers per room. Since we provide the necessities (diapers, formula and baby food) you have less to worry about – you know your child has everything they need during the day and you don’t have to waste valuable family time shopping for (and remembering to bring) these items.

      When your child begins solid foods, our cook will prepare baby food and eventually breakfast, lunches and snacks. Although we provide formula, we welcome breast feeding moms and babies and have years of experience in helping breastfeeding Moms continue after they return to work. Each room has a rocking chair, a padded floor mat (to make tummy time more comfortable), a wall mirror at infant height and shelves of developmentally appropriate toys for your child to explore throughout the day. The daily schedule of the infants is individualized and based on your child’s needs. Caregivers and parents work together on the daily plan for your child. When each child is ready, the teacher will introduce sign language as a way to help understand your child’s needs throughout the day. Our infants have been highly successful in using sign language to communicate with their caregivers. Each day you will receive a written summary of your child’s day. The daily sheet includes a schedule of naps, bottles, solid foods, diaper changes and also activities your child enjoyed during the day. All children in the center are read to daily, beginning in infants. Weather permitting, infants are taken for walks in a stroller or out to the fenced-in playground for outdoor play.

      Staff at our center is dedicated to making your child’s time with us a nurturing and educational experience. We welcome and encourage parent involvement. Most of all we look forward to meeting you and your baby.