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Infant Program


PJ mentioned that you are looking into WTM and asked if I would share my experience. We absolutely love WTM. My child started there when he was 3 months old in the infant room with Christy. Christy was wonderful- she answered all my questions from feeding to sleeping and kept me updated on everything happening while I was at work. The one thing I was most thankful for is that when he would reach a milestone like rolling over, crawling, or walking she would let ME discover his new tricks rather than tell me they occurred and think I had missed out on a major event in his life. They read to the children all the time and he absolutely loves reading now. He has an amazing vocabulary and interacts with other children and adults wonderfully.

He recently transitioned to the toddler room with Leslie, and he is having a blast. He runs into the room when I drop him off and throws a fit when its time to leave at the end of the day. He talks about Leslie and all of the kids in his room constantly and his vocabulary continues to blossom. All of the children and staff at WTM know him and he loves all of the attention he receives. I can't think of a better center than WTM.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call.

(mother of a current WTM student writing a letter of recommendation to a colleague - who is now a current WTM parent as well)

Toddler Program

Our daughter was 14 months when she began as an infant at Woodview Terrace Montessori. She is now approaching her second birthday and has had a great experience establishing her independence in the toddler area with her fellow WTM friends. What we find most reassuring as she approaches this new “season” in her life is the level of patience, flexibility and the overall experience of the care givers in the WTM toddler program. Our daughter has a determined, spirited nature and can be challenging. With that in mind, we find there is a great balance maintained by WTM staff in letting her be herself while still creating a structured, safe, fun, learning environment for her and her classmates. We always appreciate seeing the closeness and genuine care her primary teacher provides, along with the great support and communication that goes on both among the staff at WTM and with us, the parents of these beautiful children entrusted in their care. It is truly a collaboration which has benefited our daughter!



We just loved WTM. Our kids felt loved, wanted and safe. My daughter misses Jill's back rubs while napping and my son misses being challenged in math by Anni and Mary (he still brags about being the first to complete the first grade math workbook in kindergarten). We were also impressed at how fast our kids learned how to read. My son was 3 1/2 years old and my daughter had just turned 4. There wasn't a word that they couldn't decode. The sound basket and the Bob books were great tools. Because of the Montessori curriculum my kids are great readers, mathematicians and well rounded kids.

I interviewed a lot of schools and WTM was the only one that was able to show me that they were more than just a daycare. When I saw the curriculum, I knew that my kids would be learning and not just playing all day. WTM makes learning fun.

The thing that I'm most impressed with is how prepared my kids were when they started first grade. Both were at the top of their class when they started public school. When I was looking for elementary schools for the kids after completing preschool at WTM, the principal at one of the schools said that they don't know what they would do with my son if he attended their school. She said the things my son already knew, her first graders didn't learn until the end of first grade. That’s when I knew for sure our time at WTM was well worth it.

Today, both kids are still in the top classes of their grade levels. I wish WTM would expand to 6th grade. We'd be back.


A great big thank you for all you have done and been to both our children these past two years. Somehow “thank you” does not seem enough for a terrific staff that is so caring and professional. As I was looking for childcare 3-4 years ago, this was my single biggest worry- finding a great child care center! I soon found out that finding a “not so great” child care is easy- coming to WTM 2 years ago was not only a relief but also a relief for both our children! You have truly made a difference in our lives!

-Shannon & Mitch

When I think back to the day we first arrived at WTM, I remember two tiny children who spoke almost no English and for whom every experience was new and vastly difference from what they had known. Fast forward 5 years and wow! They are two bright, talented, happy, wonderful children. You and your staff have contributed enormously to their development. In WTM, you have created an enriching and special place. We were so blessed to have found you!

With love and gratitude,

-Linda & Steve
(parents of two recent WTM graduates in the gifted & talented program in Elementary school)